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Laughter & Learning for the Fun Inspired & Fun Impaired

About Just Humor Me

Founded in 2001, Just Humor Me™ specializes in providing AHA and HAHA experiences. Our interactive Personal and Professional Development Workshops, Children’s programs, and Creativity coaching make learning how to live a Fun Inspired life, hands-on, practical, and FUN.  Our focus is on using humor and creativity to experience more joy in life and work, and making the world a more compassionate place. A sense of humor is an important life skill and an invaluable business tool. If you’ve been treating humor as a luxury, and not a necessity, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, the roses, and maybe even your sneakers! Stress is costly, but FUN is a renewable resource. Humor reduces stress and re-energizes you physically and mentally, and when you’re laughing, you’re learning! So make having fun part of your personal healthcare plan and business strategy. Just Humor Me™ will write your prescription to play… and fill it for you!

Whether your corporate culture or you are fun inspired or fun impaired, we can teach you how to use humor in small or super size doses to achieve your goals, face your challenges AND have fun along the way.

Shannon Spring

Spring is a “Professional at Play” and Founder of Just Humor Me™ A Humor & Creativity Coach & Speaker for 16 years, she earned a Masters in Education at The Citadel (no crew cut involved) and a Bachelors in Human Development and Communications at Boston College.  She is also a Masters level Certified Humane Educator from The Institute for Humane Education and is a graduate of The National Speakers Academy. After years of being bored by traditional teaching, and report cards that led her to the conclusion that she should either choose a life of comedy or a life of crime, Shannon has chosen the “crime” of leading a life of comedy! Her one of a kind, creative programs and games have engaged, amused, and inspired participants throughout the country, making her WANTED in many states. It’s her innate ability to inject fun into almost any situation and “play” with challenges that produces ideas that are just crazy enough to work!

As an Inspirational Humorist, Spring incorporates comedy, stories, games, and a whole rainbow of creative techniques when teaching or speaking on how to add more joy to your life and work (see the services link for topics). Spring served as the Humor Coach on a segment she created for ABC’s Lowcountry Live show, where she inspired viewers with creative techniques to add more humor to their daily lives. She has the unique distinctions of being a Certified Counselor, Laughter Leader, Art-bundance Practitioner and Muse Facilitator. Shannon also creates and leads HAHA retreats™ (Humor and Healing Adventures) to help those with depression, anxiety, stress, and other things that are not dessert spelled backwards. Trained in Improv by The Have Nots! and stand-up at The American Comedy Institute, she performed at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC. When asked at 7 yrs. old, what she wanted to be when she grew up, Shannon said a comedian and a veterinarian. Now she’s a humorist who helps  animals! 

In 2003, Spring received recognition from Mayor Riley of Charleston, SC for winning the Forty Under Forty Award given by The Charleston Regional Business Journal for outstanding business achievements and dedication to the community. In 2007 Shannon was recognized again for leadership and Continuing Success in Business. Shannon strives to be the kind of person her dogs think she is and is a voice for animals. She educates kids on pet care and kindness and devotes love and support to animal shelters. Join her and RESCUE a Humor Buddy today! After all, fur and slobber are part of any complete wardrobe…

“The most sophisticated people I know- inside they are all children” –Jim Henson