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Mayor Puppypants Elected the First Dog Mayor of St Petersburg!

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Published: 08/11/17

Wing Dogs: Just Humor Me Canine Staffers Woof Out on Finding Love

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Published: 06/22/17

Mayor Puppypants, Just Humor Me's dog professor, in The New Barker!

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Published: 01/13/17

Let's Call For A Short Recess!

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Published: 08/04/16


Humoring Humans to Help Hounds! Read more

Published: 12/02/15

Let Yourself out to Play and add Humor to your day at Creative Soul Studio!

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Published: 09/22/15

Come Play at a HaHa Retreat at Wings Bookstore!

HaHa Retreat at Wings!
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Published: 07/23/15

Fun at work is not an oxymoron!

The traditional business “wisdom” was that work is not supposed to be fun, that’s why it’s called work. In reality, this is neither true nor wise. Humor is a great way to reduce stress at work. Happier people are more productive, better team players, and healthier, which translates into greater profits.
1. Have a company team-building day! This does not have to involve swin... Read more

Published: 12/09/14