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Mayor Puppypants Elected the First Dog Mayor of St Petersburg!

Crowning Mayor Puppypants As DOG MAYOR St Petersburg, FL


WHEN: September 6TH, 2017 5:30-7:30 WHERE: Old Southeast Market 1700 3RD St S St Pete, FL 33705

St Pete is a dog friendly city that cares about its canine residents and recently elected through a petition, an ambassador of good will and furry fun! Any city worth it’s weight in bones recognizes that kindness to animals is an integral part of a city with heart and soul. Other cities around the U.S. have animal mayors and St Pete said it’s about woofin’ time we do too!

Mayor Puppypants is a rescue dog turned Humane Education Ambassador who teaches after school programs and camps on kindness to animals. His topics include Adopt Don’t Shop; how to be a good pet parent and responsible advocate for domestic pets, wildlife and nature, and of course celebrating all creatures fluffy, feathered, and slobbery, but mainly DOGS! Mayor Puppypants is a small spitfire who has a great sense of humor and unusual singing ability. He was the loudest dog on his shelter block and now uses his voice to spring other dogs free to fur-ever homes too.

The mayor’s mom, Shannon Spring is a Humorist, Humane Educator, and Founder of Just Humor MeÔ Laughter & Learning for the Fun Inspired & Fun Impaired. She uses fun and creativity to open hearts, minds, and wallets to causes like compassion over cruelty.

Mayor Puppypants is a PAWlitician whose platform is one of UNITY. Whatever your politics, kindness to animals is something that matters to St. Petersburg! Mayor Kriseman will be present to award this canine crusader with the Bone to the City! Mayor Puppypants’s duties include his education initiatives, advocacy work for more humane legislation, riding parade floats, playing “Pope Puppypants “for Blessing of the Animals for various faiths, raising money for rescue, performing puppet shows on pet adoption, and emceeing dog related events. His brother, Kermit the Dog (also a rescue) is the CSP (Chief Smooching Pooch) of Just Humor Me whose whip cream kisses make you laugh and make you think about saving or improving the life of a dog in need. Contact: Shannon Spring 727-483-0400