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Laughter & Learning for the Fun Inspired & Fun Impaired

Fun at work is not an oxymoron!

The traditional business “wisdom” was that work is not supposed to be fun, that’s why it’s called work. In reality, this is neither true nor wise. Humor is a great way to reduce stress at work. Happier people are more productive, better team players, and healthier, which translates into greater profits. Companies that use fun throughout all aspects of their business are able to attract and retain higher caliber people than their fun-impaired counterparts. It is almost UNHEARD of for a company to make the Forbes Best Places to Work list if they are not a company that values and IMPLEMENTS FUN.

Our team building is FUN and effective! It does not involve swinging from ropes or falling into the arms of the person you can’t stand. Hire us to customize a day of fun and games that will appeal to the personalities of your team and address the issues you face and goals you want to achieve.  See below for some fun and free ideas!

Proclaimer:  Choose the ones that suit your sense of humor and are likely to be successful in your office. Then label yourself Fun-Inspired!

1. Team-building day!  The grouchiest person in the office often lightens up when given the chance to play. Teambuilding helps coworkers create a new dynamic based on shared laughter, not forced trust. Just Humor Me will create a special day based on your needs and budget that teaches you how to keep the fun going all year long.

2. Humor encourages teamwork by building a sense of camaraderie. Have your group(s) come up with its own goofy cheer with each person contributing a line. Use it to start or end each meeting or as needed to reduce stress.

3. Even a candy jar can be fun. Put one on your desk and anyone who takes a piece must pay you a compliment. This is a win-win!

4. Have an office mascot- any funny looking doll, puppet, or inflatable dinosaur will work. The mascot will travel the office once a day, with each employee writing down the 1st thing that comes to mind when it reaches their desk.  Read some of these musings at the next meeting and try to guess who wrote what. Be sure the mascot is included in all company photos.

5. Have a contest for ways to improve workplace morale. Vote on the best idea and implement it! Be prepared to hear “Fire Management”. Have a sense of humor and “fire” yourself at the next meeting, then rehire yourself on the condition that you’ll value employee input and start putting their fun ideas to work.

6. Liven up meetings by using silly props such as a funny microphone shaped like a bird. You can only talk when it’s your turn to “squawk”. Any prop will do, but the wackier the better.

7. Have a humorous celebration once a month giving small awards or certificates to people for “nonsense” things such as, who had the neatest desk, who broke the copy machine, whose hair is never out of place.

8. Simple praise and recognition are fun to give and fun to get. Appreciating people goes a long way towards creating a happy workplace. Have a crowning ceremony for shining stars with a crown, music, and receiving line to pay the VIP personal and public praise! Don’t just think good things, say them!

9. Have a team brainstorming session to resolve workplace challenges such as a specific customer service issue, or how to increase sales. Each staff member will write down a serious suggestion and a humorous one. Give prizes for the best idea in each category.

10. Create a fun-friendly environment by providing monthly opportunities for people to know something about each other outside their work role. This could be a talent show in the office where everyone can showcase a personal talent they have, or a group trip to the local bowling alley for some lighthearted fun.