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Mayor Puppypants hosts his first SUMMER CAMP!

Top Dog, Mayor Puppypants hosts his first ever summer camp on Animal Kindness at The Canterbury School in St Pete, FL.
The Mayor will be teaching kids how to be a great Pack Leader; caring and advocating for your pet and shelter animals; animal themed comedy improv; animal themed fitness; and furry inspired arts and crafts. Playtime with the mayor, guest speakers, and a visit from brother, Kissing... Read more

Published: 06/22/17

Mayor Puppypants, Just Humor Me's dog professor featured in The New Barker!

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Published: 01/13/17

Just Humor Me becomes a 501C3 as we add Humane Education too!

The world needs more compassionate people and that starts with raising empathic kids who care about nature and all its creatures. When kids have self respect, they can extend that respect to others, especially rescue dogs like Mayor Puppypants and Kermit the Dog who help teach this program!
Puppypants TownÒ is a humane education program for elementary school children. This social and e... Read more

Published: 09/22/16

Let's Call For A Short Recess!

Send the kids back to school, and send yourself to RECESS! Read more

Published: 08/02/16


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Published: 12/02/15

HAHA Retreat at Creative Soul Studio! :)

Let Yourself Out to Play! ... Read more

Published: 09/22/15

Come Play at Our Inaugural Event at Wings Bookstore!

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Published: 07/23/15