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Laughter & Learning for the Fun Inspired & Fun Impaired

Just Humor Me becomes a 501C3 as we add Humane Education too!

The world needs more compassionate people and that starts with raising empathic kids who care about nature and all its creatures. When kids have self respect, they can extend that respect to others, especially rescue dogs like Mayor Puppypants and Kermit the Dog who help teach this program!

PuppypantsTown is a humane education program for elementary school children. This social and emotional learning program teaches character education and life skills as kids learn leadership, responsibility, self-esteem, advocacy skills, and empathy for all creatures, especially dogs! Kids learn confidence and kindness through comedy and creativity.

The program is taught by Shannon Spring, M.Ed, Humane Educator, and Founder of Just Humor Me Laughter & Learning for the Fun Inspired & Fun Impaired. Just Humor Me brings humor and healing to children, adults, and animals. Mayor Puppypants, therapy dog and Certified Canine Good Citizen is a true ambassador of love to children. As the first dog mayor, Mayor Puppypants teaches kids things that humans cannot and he brings much joy to everyone, especially those that really need a friend.

Just Humor Me has been doing humor workshops and children’s life skills programs for 16 years and is now in the process of becoming a 501C3 non profit as of November 2016. We are looking for sponsors who believe in our mission of making the world a more compassionate place for kids, dogs, and all creatures. Please consider becoming a friend and sponsor of Puppypants Town today. Please see the attached flyer for more on the services/childrens tab and follow the slobber on Facebook/MayorPuppypants