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Why Hire Just Humor Me?

Just Humor Me!™ is an excellent partner to companies who wish to: boost morale; reduce stress; improve communication; promote teamwork; increase creative problem solving; inspire customer loyalty; and enjoy the many benefits of a fun-friendly, yet competitive and professional corporate culture. So be serious about being professional… but don’t be professionally serious!

“You can learn more about someone in an hour of play than a year of conversation” –Plato

How We Help

We have a full schedule, who has the time?

Plan your schedule with us and we will customize the fun, recommending how to get the most out of your event- whether you need a 30 minute meeting humor break, a 2-3 hour workshop, or 1-2 day Humor Bootcamp! There’s no time NOT to have fun!

We have goals to reach and content to cover, isn't fun counterproductive?

People learn better and retain more when they are having fun. Because humor reduces stress, holds attention and fosters teamwork and creative thinking, it maximizes both efficacy and efficiency!

We're on a budget, how much does a good time cost?

Humor breaks come in a variety of price friendly “humor stimulus packages”. The bottom line is-if you are not having fun…you’re losing money! Stress is costly but FUN is a renewable resource!

Did you know a Humor Break is as necessary as a restroom break?

It’s true! Can you measure the impact of a restroom break on morale? Humor is equally necessary, it flushes the mental toxins!