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Where there’s Laighter, there’s Learning! The Easter Puppy Bunny brings much of both!

Children’s Programs (Laughter and Life Skills through Humane Education)

Kids learn confidence, connection and compassion for all creatures through humor and creativity! Please click above for our flyer.

Humane Education clubs and camps  teach compassion for animals, respect for the environment, leadership skills, and responsible choices that create the most good and least harm. Kids learn leadership skills, pet care, and how to be a voice for animals and themselves!  Our classes are interactive, fun-filled, life changing experiences! Co taught with Mayor Puppypants, Certified Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen. :) And of course, he's a rescue dog! 

Laughter Clubs  teach the difference between positve and negative humor, creativity through improv comedy, friendships, self esteem, resiliency, and soooo much more! We also offer one on one or small group social skills coaching for kids who need extra encouragement or who benefit from having a coach.



 Teachers: (Share "what's so funny" with the rest of the class!)

Creating a Laughing Classroom, Team Building, Brainstorming Sessions filled with games and contests and much more. Stickers for well behaved teachers. ;)

Laughter in the classroom is too often absent.  I remember the angst of not being able to share what’s so funny with the rest of the class. While it’s probably good I was censored at times,  expressing my creative side was my ticket to a successful academic and professional career as it is for so many people; even if they’re not in a creative field, everyone has a creative side….everyone. Everyone also needs to laugh! Depression in children is sadly growing fast, as it is in adults. Naturally, the humor in classroooms must be approriate, and today, savvy teachers and schools realize that our brains respond to humor. It’s a major source of stimulation, motivation and cooperation.

WHEN CHILDREN ARE LAUGHING…. THEY’RE LEARNING! They’re learning social and academic skills because the brain connects the information to positive experiences.  Creating a laughing classroom is a goal we’ll help you achieve by teaching you techniques to capture your students’ attention, help them retain information, reduce disciplinary problems and build a sense of camaraderie in the classroom. We are not talking about becoming a stand up comedian, just a person who makes learning the fun experience it should be.

Special Events

Custom Designed Puppet Shows, Furry Fundraisers, Open Houses, Orientations, Assemblies, and Team Building Days for staff and students!