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Laughter & Learning for the Fun Inspired & Fun Impaired


HaHa Retreats™

Humor and Healing Adventure Retreats

Learn how to Align your Humor Chakras, Restore Fun In Your Day, & Give Yourself Permission to Play! 

Whatever happened to recess? We never lost our need for recess, we just lost recess! We’re told that kids laugh up to 400 times a day and adults only about 8. Did we forget how to laugh? Did stress caused us to lose our sense of humor?  Whatever the case, “Dr. McHumorMe” aka Shannon Spring, teaches you NATURAL ways to add some fun back in your day to chase the blues away! Dr.McHumorMe is not only a pretend doctor, she used to be a patient, suffering from anxiety and depression and now she shares her recovery techniques with you! Learn how to be your own Humor Doc, and write yourself a prescription to PLAY MORE!  These playshops are FUN, interactive, and filled with inspirational, practical and lighthearted ideas to help you LAUGH IT UP, LAUGH IT OFF, LAUGH & LEARN... RECESS IS BACK! Custom designed weekend retreats, or get a quick respite from reality and take a trip to a mental playgound in a 1-2 hour Laugh and Lunch, Laughy Hour or Laughfast.  Book a retreat with Dr. McHumorMe, your Humor Care Professional today!

The 3 Secrets to Being Fun Inspired Keynote

The 3 Secrets to Being Fun Inspired are guaranteed to add lots more fun to your personal and professional life. Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are by going through your day in a more positive, fun-inspired way. Just Humor Me will help you rediscover that laughter is everywhere, and if you're not laughing, you can at least be learning.  Come share what’s so funny with the rest of the class… only this time without a detention! You’ll have fun learning how to have more fun! 

Muse it Up!

Creative inspiration from the craziest places!

Come jump start your creative engine! Add new life to your work, life, love, or linguini by learning how to tap into your creative spirit. We’ll teach you how to use your right brain to “right” many aspects of your career or life AND how to come up with ideas that are just crazy enough to work! Shannon Spring is an Artbundance Practitioner and Muse Facilitator and facilitates self discovery and growth through creativity. What does that mean? It means you will be inspired to play with problems, add more laughter to life, recover joy and passion, and learn how super creative YOU are! Comedy improv games, art therapy arts and crafts, creative writing, show and tell, fun contests and so much more. It's all customized for your group.