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Corporate Events- Out-Fun Your Competition!

Find the funny and make mo’ money… Don’t just outclass your competition, Out-Fun them!

Designed For: Staff Training, Team Building & Meetings

Humor is a powerful, yet underutilized business tool. And laughter is the Holy Grail when it comes to happiness, health and success. Would you like to learn how to tap into your own sense of humor and creativity to boost confidence, morale, rapport and sales? Run fun and productive meetings? Attract more clients? Come learn how to develop a fun-inspired approach to your business by learning improv comedy techniques to help you think fast on your feet, use your right brain, and use humor to manage stress and improve communication. Raise your HQ (Humor Quotient) and you’ll find out that fun is serious business! As Plato says, You can learn more about someone in an hour of play than a year of conversation. Be someone who plays well with others!

Programs Offered

How We Help

We have a full schedule, who has the time?

Plan your schedule with us and we will customize the fun, recommending how to get the most out of your event- whether you need a 30 minute meeting humor break, a 2-3 hour workshop, or 1-2 day Humor Bootcamp! There’s no time NOT to have fun!

We have goals to reach and content to cover, isn’t fun counterproductive?

People learn better and retain more when they are having fun. Because humor reduces stress, holds attention and fosters teamwork and creative thinking, it maximizes both efficacy and efficiency!

We’re on a budget, how much does a good time cost?

Humor breaks come in a variety of price friendly “humor stimulus packages”. The bottom line is-if you are not having fun…you’re losing money! Stress is costly but FUN is a renewable resource!

Did you know a Humor Break is as necessary as a restroom break?

It’s true! Can you measure the impact of a restroom break on morale? Humor is equally necessary, it flushes the mental toxins!

HAHA Retreats™

Humor and Healing Adventure Retreats

Learn how to Align your Humor Chakras, Restore Fun In Your Day, & Give Yourself Permission to Play! 

Whatever happened to recess? We never lost our need for recess, we just lost recess!  These playshops are fun, interactive, and filled with inspirational, practical and lighthearted ideas to help you…RECESS IS BACK!

Custom designed weekend retreats; Laugh and Lunches during your workday; evening Laughy Hours, or morning Laughfasts!  To stay happy and healthy, we need humor throughout our day. Let Just Humor Me be your Humor Care Professional today!

More Humor Programs

Special Events

(No one likes a boring event. Well, maybe boring people do)

While fun is it’s own reward, it also opens hearts, minds, and wallets! Whether it’s fundraisers, reward and recognition programs, product launches, promotional events, customer appreciation campaigns, team building days or simply time to celebrate, make sure that Just Humor Me is a V.I.P. so guests don’t look like they’re R.I.P. Not on our watch!

Online Programs

Laugh & Learn at Home!

Grab your snacks and your furry friends and learn from the comfort of your own couch! Join like minded fun inspired people in our online zoom playshops. All of our adult and kids programs can be customized for online laughter & learning. 
Corporate Meetings & Team Building Games, HAHA Retreats, Laugh & Lunches, Laughy Hours,  Public Speaking & Special Event Parties are all customized. Stop boring people silly with humorless presenters. Email us with your goals and we will put together a Humor Stimulus Package for you & your people. 
Kids Programs including Laughter Clubs, Public Speaking, Self Esteem, Birthday Parties & Puppet Shows are all listed under the Kids Programs section.  Each program has an informational video for kids to see that Shannon is still a kid at heart, and lots of fun to learn with. Program testimonials can be found there too. Humane Education and all Animal related programs are on
All programs include guest appearances by the Just Humor Me dog team… fur and slobber, no extra charge. 
Follow us on Facebook for public events including currently scheduled online classes. All programs may be booked directly here through the Book Fun Now button. If you have any not so fun challenges, just give us a call! Extra points if you speak DOG. 

Children’s Programs

Laughter and Life Skills (and sometimes dogs!)

There’s no excuse for a boring teacher!  Creative learning environments provide kids the freedom to be their best selves.  All programs are led by Just Humor Me Founder, “Teacher Shannon” who combines comedy and practical life skills.  Shannon has a Masters in Education and numerous certifications (ah, just check out her bio on About Us section). 



Seniors: Enjoy all of our programs plus... Cookies, Comedy & Conversation

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“There’s not a word yet, for old friends who’ve just met.” ― Jim Henson  

“Sometimes me think, ‘What is friend?’ Then me say, friend is someone to share the last cookie with.” -Cookie Monster

Everyone wants a conversation buddy and laughter too. Add in some cookies, coffee, cupcakes or all three and some lighthearted laughter with Just Humor Me™️ Founder, Shannon Spring and you’ve got your daily wellness program right there! Bring this program to yourself or a loved one when you can’t be there to share the three Cs of companionship. Give the gift of healthy fun with a little sugar on top. Sign up for Furry Fun: Visits from the Just Humor Me™️ dog team to add some fun, fur and slobber to your day!.