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“Thank you for a fantastic day of fun”

“Thank you for a fantastic day of fun. We really appreciate the customization of games and how much went into creating a special day for us. We’re still laughing and talking about it and would love to do one of your other programs too. We’re happy to serve as a reference anytime!”

APM Terminalsn- Maersk

“What a difference you made to our usual staff meeting!”

“What a difference you made to our usual staff meeting! Reminding us to focus on our common goals and look for ways to communicate and cooperate better as a team is going to benefit us and our clients. Your clever, funny style and personalized approach had us laughing and learning. The Realtor Showdown was a great way to enjoy a friendly competition and get us thinking creatively.”

Century 21

“A great program”

“A great program I think everyone in the workplace will benefit from. Very direct and hits real world situations. I felt energized to do the right thing.” 

Charleston Place Hotel

“Thank you for your delightful presentation”

“Thank you for your delightful presentation! The members expressed high praise for you and your program. “

Charleston Women in Trade

“We’d love to have you back!”

“Our staff retreat was a huge success thanks to Just Humor Me!. Thank you for helping us reward our staff with a day of fun… the enthusiasm lives on! We’d love to have you back! (Winners of the SC Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award)”

St. Andrews Parks and Recreation

“Thank you for the great job you did”

“If you were here I would dance the jig as a thank you for the great job you did at our employee recognition banquet.”

Charleston County Parks and Recreation

“The Customer Service Conga Line was HILARIOUS!!”

“You demonstrated that making someone laugh is the best way to learn. Thank you for reminding us to have fun with what we do. The Customer Service Conga Line was HILARIOUS!! What a memory we’ll have for a lifetime!”

U.S. Post Office

“Lots of Laughing and Humor”

“It was interesting, interactive, and high energy, with useful information and lots of laughing and humor. It was also great to see everyone shooting water guns at each other and having a good time, and we’re a tough group to please!”

Santee Cooper

“We had high expectations and you exceeded them!”

“We had high expectations and you exceeded them! It was very funny, people really related to what you were saying, they really got into it! It’s clear you really understood our business and put a lot of time into customizing the material and games. We want to incorporate this into our annual training summit. Adding humor to our program really made a difference.”


“This was the highlight of our training symposium”

“Your program was exactly what we were looking for. This was the highlight of our training symposium, we’d love to have you back.”

Latham Watkins

“WOW did the teachers have a great time!”

“Shannon taught our teachers how to use creativity and humor in the classroom and WOW did the teachers have a great time! She showed us how using humor increases learning retention and can reduce behavior problems because the students are engaged with the subject and each other. It was also a great way for teachers to learn how using fun as a teaching tool, it’s not just the students who benefit! Thank you, Shannon. We learned a lot and are still laughing. You are a gift to the students and teachers alike.”

Dawn, Principal Mason Preparatory School

“Thank you for a fantastic program”

“Shannon, thank you for a fantastic program that helped us gain new perspectives and that brought us closer together. We’ve implemented Fiesta Fridays and they’re making a difference!”

AON Risk Services

“Thank you for a morning filled with laughter and fun!”

“Thank you for a morning filled with laughter and fun! You did a fantastic job helping the different departments bond with each other. The storyteller game was a creative way to include everyone and it was great to see each other in a new light.”

The Medical University of South Carolina

“The gameshow was hilarious!”

“You motivated, entertained and informed us. The gameshow was hilarious!” 


“A valuable and enjoyable experience”

“Shannon provides a relaxed atmosphere and professional presentation which has made The Citadel’s etiquette classes a valuable and enjoyable experience for the cadets.”

The Department of Cadet Activities at The Citadel

Remember, if you can’t laugh at yourself, you leave the job to others!

Email us and tell us what’s making you laugh at yourself today!

“Shannon, please stop putting smiley faces on all your papers, and focus.”

– Mrs. Losch, Shannon’s 2nd Grade Teacher

Play Attention!
Laughter = Learning