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With Shannon Spring
"Your Event's Spirit Animal!"

“Shannon, Everyone’s still raving about you and your fantastic presentation at the Centre Club! Thank you for a fun filled program and helping us raise money for The Leukemia Lymphoma Society.”

 - Maureen Famiano Former Executive Producer WTSP and WFLA-TV

Let Yourself
Out To Play!

Let Yourself Out To Play!

Laugh & Learn with an authentically funny professional speaker with wildly inspiring, unbelievable tales to tell!

Just Humor Me™️ Founder, Shannon Spring, M.Ed

Founded in 2001 and rebranded in 2023, Just Humor Me specializes in providing AHA and HAHA experiences. If you’ve been treating humor as a luxury, not a necessity, it’s time to wake up and smell the roses…and maybe even your sneakers. Stress is costly, but FUN is an essential, renewable resource for physical and mental health. Humor Care Professional, Shannon Spring will write your prescription to play, and fill it for you! She’ll show you how to use humor in small or supersized doses to enjoy the game of Life more and manage its challenges.

Comedic Psychic Medium, SPeaker, author

Shannon graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in Human Development and Communications, from The Citadel Military College with a Masters in Education, and from the National Speakers Academy. She holds numerous certifications as a Creativity Coach. Shannon’s a Professional Humorist, Animal Communicator, and Psychic Medium with world-wide clients of all species. She’s the Author of  memoir, OPEN MIC FOR ANIMALS: Evidential Fairy Tails (St. Petersburg Press 2/14/24)

Shannon’s presented to audiences of 5-5,000 including:Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, colleges, law firms, banks, government, realtors, civic groups, wild bears, elementary schools, and even a maximum security male prison. Talk about a captive audience!

As a Psychic Medium and Educator of 25 years, Shannon knows how to read a room. She creates memorable events filled with laughter, creative inspiration, and an intangible magical feeling in the air. 

From the boardroom to ballroom, headquarters to hideaways, corporate suits to hippie chicks- Shannon will create a program for your party people that helps them shine, rediscover their gifts, and let themselves out to play. Step into the rabbit hole of no return in a customized keynote or retreat. 


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Inspirational Comedic Keynotes You'll Love

 Enjoy a wildly creative keynote! Add on 
 improv games or life-changing readings. HAHA Retreats below & comedy improv for kids. Hire me to emcee your next event with professionalism & punchlines!

The 3 Secrets to Being Fun Inspired

Perfect for any group (except the humorless.) In this keynote, audiences gain a lighthearted strategy for life in 3 surefire ways to find the funny perspective and develop resilience in any situation. Practical, playful and purposeful… you’ll laugh and learn how to make adult-ing less of a bummer. Shannon engages guests with funny stories and interactive games that apply creativity and comedic wisdom to boost success and sanity.  Start grinning like the Cheshire Cat wants your reality!
Say "Just Humor Me"…Let's play!

For A Good Time Call Shannon!

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Funny, Memorable, Inspiring Keynote Presentations

Laughter On Tap

Addiction Recovery. Wisdom and wit for when you’re ready to or already quit. Shannon’s recovery story is a wild ride of painful truths and WTF (what the funny!) She shares how she used humor to get sober, stay somewhat sane, and inspires others to do the same. A refreshing presentation on the scary, lonely and unexpectedly laughable road to recovery from alcohol, drugs and denial of all kinds. Practical, play-filled ways to reclaim your true self and be the person your pet knows you can be. 
Laughter and learning for the soul. 

For A Good Time Call Shannon!

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Funny, Memorable, Inspiring Keynote Presentations

Be Your Own Humor Psychic

Have you ever wondered if you have psychic abilities? Do tarot cards, crystal balls, and fortune cookies hold secrets about your fate? Would you listen to the wisdom of The Cheshire Cat? 
Everyone is psychic to different degrees, and can learn to leverage their higher wisdom to spin the wheel of fortune and fun in their favor. 

Pump up your personal power in life, work, and love when you hop with me down the elusive rabbit hole and discover the magic within you!  As a professional medium, I’ll help awaken your psychic abilities through interactive games & intuitive play where guests play the psychic. Developing your 6th sense is as much fun as engaging your sense of humor. Both senses bring extraordinary insights and laughter to help navigate the tricky game of life. Raise the rabbit hole roof & add on private or group readings.


Customize title & focus for business groups: 
“The Intuitive Business Mind” 

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Funny, Memorable, Inspiring Keynote Presentations

Is This Thing On?

Do you fear public speaking? And when on stage feel like you're being asked, “Do you know why you've been pulled over? I'll show you how to tell fear to take a backseat while you confidently drive your presentation with power, poise, and punchlines. Say, JUST HUMOR ME and keep your audience entertained, so you never have to ask, “Is this thing on?”

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Funny, Memorable, Inspiring Keynote Presentations


 Learn the magic of Animal Communication with Shannon Spring, a professional Animal Communicator/Medium, Comedic Speaker, and Author of “OPEN MIC FOR ANIMALS: EVIDENTIAL FAIRYTALES". With a feral attitude, fearless voice, and funny style, Shannon shares stories of thousands of animals she's helped live happier lives by handing them a microphone to give them a voice and their people a clue. She also connects with animals and people who’ve passed into Spirit. Lions, tigers, bears, rescue pets and creatures of all kinds. Any Species, Any Challenge, Anywhere! 
What the fluff would your pets like you to know? Join the pawty and book this lively Open Mic, take skeptics as prisoners, interactive woofshop! Visit for private readings and events.

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Funny, Memorable, Inspiring Keynote Presentations

Boost Morale, Reduce Stress, Laughter Works!

Fun inspired intuitive business minds know fun sells. Learn to use humor in presentations, team building and customer service. 

Just Humor Me in the workplace

Align your Humor Chakras, Restore Fun In Your Day & Give Yourself Permission to Play! Whatever happened to recess? We never lost our need for recess, we just lost recess. Join fun inspired peeps for a mini retreat filled with fun and games to help you feel like a kid again. These magical play-shops infuse joy into your heart and mind with a mix of comedy improv games, silly art, creative inspiration, and hilarious stress busters.

Led by Professional Humorist & Creativity Coach, Shannon Spring, experience how to create fun everyday for yourself, your family and furry friends. Held at Sarasota/Tampa Bay venues, private & destination events. Shannon’s retreats are a good time waiting to happen and so are YOU. Leave stress behind, and come play…RECESS IS BACK!

humor & healing adventures

HAHA Retreats™

There’s no excuse for a boring teacher! Shannon makes learning fun and kids feel safe learning from a teacher who knows how to laugh at herself! Kids learn vital life skills and build confidence through fun and games. Learn to:

Introduce yourself in a fun, confident way, be an engaging storyteller, play Show & Tell About Yourself, Pets, Hobbies, Play Comedy Improv Games… think fast and funny on your feet, learn to Shine Just Being YOU, have fun solving silly and real challenges 

Online Camps & School Programs.available.


Comedy & Confidence

Join Online Laughter Club from your rabbit hole!🥳 Laugh & Lunches 🥳Sober Laughy Hours 🥳Comedy Improv Classes 🥳 Creative Writing & Story Telling 🥳

Let Yourself Out To Play!

(public events calendar - private events not shown)

Let Yourself Out To Play!

(public events calendar - private events not shown)



“We had high expectations and you exceeded them! It was very funny, people really related to what you were saying, they really got into it! It’s clear you really understood our business and put a lot of time into customizing the material and games. We want to incorporate this into our annual training summit. Adding humor to our program really made a difference.”

⁃ Mathnasium

“Light, Laughter, Creative Inspiration!”

“Everyone had a great time at the Just Humor Me program. Shannon brought light, laughter, and lots of creative inspiration!”

⁃ Sertoma Club of Sarasota


“Your program was exactly what we were looking for. This was the highlight of our training symposium, we’d love to have you back.”

Latham Watkins

“Wildly Funny...Blown Away!”

“Shannon's OPEN MIC FOR ANIMALS presentation was wildly funny and guests were blown away with her accuracy on their pets! Shannon is a magical person and speaker!”
-Sandy Bean, Founder of St. Pete Girl Boss


“Shannon, thank you for a fantastic program that helped us gain new perspectives and that brought us closer together. We’ve implemented Fiesta Fridays and they’re making a difference!”

AON Risk Services


“Thank you for a morning filled with laughter and fun! You did a fantastic job helping the different departments bond with each other. The storyteller game was a creative way to include everyone and it was great to see each other in a new light.”

The Medical University of South Carolina


“Our staff retreat was a huge success thanks to Just Humor Me!. Thank you for helping us reward our staff with a day of fun… the enthusiasm lives on! We’d love to have you back! (Winners of the SC Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award)”

St. Andrews Parks and Recreation


“Thank you for a fantastic day of fun. We really appreciate the customization of games and how much went into creating a special day for us. We’re still laughing and talking about it and would love to do one of your other programs too. We’re happy to serve as a reference anytime!”

APM Terminalsn- Maersk

“Shannon's a genuinely talented speaker & Trainer"

“A great program I think everyone in the workplace will benefit from. Very direct and hits real world situations. Shannon is a genuinely talented speaker and trainer. We laughed a lot and felt energized to do the right thing.” 

Charleston Place Hotel


“What a difference you made to our usual staff meeting! Reminding us to focus on our common goals and look for ways to communicate and cooperate better as a team is going to benefit us and our clients. Your clever, funny style and personalized approach had us laughing and learning. The Realtor Showdown was a great way to enjoy a friendly competition and get us thinking creatively.”

Century 21


“Thank you for your delightful presentation! The members expressed high praise for you and your program. “

Charleston Women in Trade


“You demonstrated that making someone laugh is the best way to learn. Thank you for reminding us to have fun with what we do. The Customer Service Conga Line was HILARIOUS!! What a memory we’ll have for a lifetime!”

U.S. Post Office


“It was interesting, interactive, and high energy, with useful information and lots of laughing and humor. It was also great to see everyone shooting water guns at each other and having a good time, and we’re a tough group to please!”

Santee Cooper


“Shannon’s programs have been an invaluable asset to our cadet character education training program. She’s professional to her core, and also makes learning relevant, practical and fun. We are proud of the results she’s created through her creative teaching and always look forward to her return.”

The Department of Cadet Activities at The Citadel


“You motivated, entertained and informed us. You’re our favorite speaker yet! The gameshow was hilarious!” 



“Shannon, thank you for a fantastic program that helped us gain new perspectives and that brought us closer together. We’ve implemented Fiesta Fridays and they’re making a difference!”

AON Risk Services


"Shannon's presentation was a HUGE SUCCESS! She really gets to know her clients and designs the perfect day of fun and exceptional takeaways to apply to life and work. Staff raved that it was our most fun team day. Shannon's a talented, funny speaker and trainer "

-Eisai Pharmaceuticals

“Shannon taught our teachers how to use creativity and humor in the classroom and WOW did the teachers have a great time!"

"She showed us how using humor increases learning retention and can reduce behavior problems because the students are engaged with the subject and each other. It was also a great way for teachers to learn how using fun as a teaching tool, it’s not just the students who benefit! Thank you, Shannon. We learned a lot and are still laughing. You are a gift to the students and teachers alike.”

Principal Mason Preparatory School

“Shannon’s A dangerously likable character... 
But, I Apprehended Her for laughing too hard at her own jokes. ”
- Officer Johnny Law 

Interested in private or group pet and people readings or Animal Communication presentations? Visit

Just Humor Me Podcast 2024!

Laughter & Learning for the fun inspired & Fun impaired

Just Humor Me™️ offers inspirational, comedic keynotes, humor and creativity retreats…recess for adults.

It’s true what’s written on the bathroom wall…

when you’re looking for a good time, I’m who ya call!


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