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Welcome Laughers!

life is short if you cant laugh at yourself call me i will

Welcome Laughers! Just Humor Me™️ will bring you tips on adding more humor to your life & work, fun events, humor contests and laughter filled events each month. Thanks for laughing up for good news!

A Message From Shannon

Happy Spring, Laughers!

Welcome to our first newsletter where all news is good news! Karen Carpenter once sang, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love. It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.” She’s right and I’d also add the world needs more LAUGHTER!

Not only is the world stage one stressful show, but our own lives have stresses and never ending to do lists that have us wanting to primal scream. Time to add recess back into our days so that laughter rises to the top.

Lack of laughter is bad for our health. No one ever died from laughing too much; and if they did, what a way to go!

In every JustHumorMe™️ newsletter you’ll find ways to add fun and creativity to your life and work. Be sure to join us at this month’s good for your health, online Laughy Hour and SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel which we are designing to turn into a TV show and podcast to infuse more fun and games into a very serious world.

Let’s get laughing! Read all about our programs at

Shannon Spring, PhD-og, M.Ed, JustHumorMe™️ Founder
Shannon Spring, PhD-og, M.Ed, JustHumorMe™️ Founder

Humor & Creativity Speaker/Trainer, Animal Communicator, Psychic Medium, Humane Educator, Snappy Dresser, Competitive Cupcake Eater, Devoted Dog Mother, Free- Spirited Cool Cat. Sharing what’s so funny with the rest of the class… and bringing hope, humor and healing through Laughter!

(727) 483-0400

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Shannon Spring, PhD-og, M.Ed, JustHumorMe™️ Founder

Fun at Work! Using Humor in the Workplace to Reduce Stress and Boost Morale.

Most people hate Mondays. What if you held a contest for the most annoyingly cheerful person on Monday morning? If you can manage to be over the top perky, no matter what’s happening, you’ll win a ridiculous prize from the office treasure box- which includes gift cards from local businesses and items donated by coworkers such as, silly socks or funny teddy bears. Monday’s positive attitude champion also gets immunity from having to do a terrible task such as, dealing with your worst customer, changing the ink cartridges, cleaning the coffee pot, etc. At the end of the month, if you’ve won cheeriest Monday morning “Pepstar”, you’ll get a free lunch with an extra hour or free drinks at happy hour. Make Monday a lot merrier with a little change in attitude that will have you turning bad moods into rewarding gratitude.

Shannon Spring, PhD-og, M.Ed, JustHumorMe™️ Founder

Laughimonials: Clients Share What’s So Funny with the Rest of the Class!

“Shannon’s classes added much needed humor to our routine. Our routine was a Monday morning meeting that everyone hated. Now we look forward to annoying each other in the best way possible, with humor and what Shannon calls “delusional optimism” instead of criticism.” – Jay Murphy, Regional Sales Manager

Shannon Spring, PhD-og, M.Ed, JustHumorMe™️ Founder

Let Yourself Out to PLAY and Join this month’s FUN events today!

LAUGHY HOUR ONLINE APRIL 19th 6-7pm EST. When you’re drinking laughter, your glass is always full! Join us for some online fun and comedy improv games, BYOB from your own sofa via zoom. $5 donation via Paypal to


Contact us to customize an event for your corporate or social group. The team who plays together, stays together!

I see FUN in your future! Subscribe JustHumorMe™️ YouTube channel!

Healthy Fun: Laughter is Life Tips

When’s the last time you played with your food? Stop calling yourself and your food bad for eating things you like. Exercise and eat right and remember to play with your food! See our humor video for how Shannon likes to eat cookies, inspired by her dear friend, The Cookie Monster! Cookies aren’t bad, not enjoying yourself while eating one is a crime. Add some fun back into your food and enjoy a more delicious good mood. Before eating your cookie, ask it “Who’s a good cookie?” Don’t be surprised if you hear it yell “I AM!” Cookies and dessert are tired off being called bad, aren’t you? Be a smart cookie and start enjoying your treats again.

Humor Contests & Challenges: When’s the Last Time You Did Something Silly?

Tag #JustHumorMe in your pics performing a Humor Challenge on social media.

See our workplace FUN ideas above! This month’s Humor Challenge is to be your most POSITIVE self on Monday mornings and annoy others in a fun way with your good cheer. You can do this if you work from an office or your backyard treehouse. Just post a pic or video doing or saying something super positive on Mondays, the most hated day of the week. Tag us and winner will receive a prize!

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